Acmetex provides FM Approved welding curtains and welding blankets, which have been tested and rated to the ANSI/FM4950 Standard
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Acmetex welding blankets are fabricated with high temperature welding fabrics, high temp sewing thread and brass grommets. The predominant base welding fabrics are fiberglass cloth and silica cloth. The fiberglass cloth families of welding blankets are available as uncoated base fabrics (most economical) as well as with a number of different coatings including silicone coated fiberglass cloth, silicone coated silica cloth, neoprene or acrylic coated fiberglass cloth, aluminized fiberglass cloth, aluminized silica cloth, and Vermiculite coated fiberglass cloth, also vermiculite coated silica cloth.Coated fabric give more abrasion resistance, and moisture, sunlight, corona, oil resistance.